As one of the largest travel agencies in the world and an integral member of a multi-national firm, we leverage our considerable buying power to open new doors for our clients.

Anticipate the Fun

For many people, planning a vacation is more stressful than work. At a time when you should be relaxing, you’re dealing with more details and more stress than ever. Smart vacationers let KIE deal with all the vacation details so that they can just concentrate on personal affairs. With KIE on your side, your stress is diffused and your vacation just got a lot better.

You Dream. We Plan.

One of the best parts of a vacation is dreaming about it, thinking about it… anticipating the fun. By letting KIE deal with your hotel, your itinerary and other aspects of your trip, you can concentrate on your personal duties–wrapping things up at work or making sure everything is taken care of on the home front... and of course, looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead.

You're In Charge.

Our clients really appreciate the feeling they get from knowing that everything is in order on their vacation. When they step off their plane, or cruise ship or out of their car, they feel confident because KIE has set up all the arrangements for their trip. They can go about their vacation without a care in the world, as they travel the world.

More World For Your Dollar.

You can tap into our worldwide network to secure better rates on air fares, hotel rooms and related services. With those savings you can extend your vacation to include some fun side trips and see more of this fascinating world we live in.

Seeking New Adventures?

For many people, it can be daunting to go to parts of the world they’ve never been to before. The uncertainty alone keeps a lot of travelers from exploring some very intriguing destinations, such as Africa, Asia and South America. By having KIE pave the way for your next trip, you can visit anywhere in the world and feel right at home. Our knowledge of local amenities and customs, as well as our connections, ensure that you can visit just about anywhere in the world you please and create some very special memories.

I had always wanted to check out other parts of Asia while I was doing business in Japan. My agent at KIE asked me one day if I’d like to see some choices and next thing I know I’m extending my business trip to Tokyo into a fun side trip to Thailand that I’m still talking to my friends about.

Now You Can Afford More of the World.
Many of our clients extend their business trips to include personal vacation time. For them, KIE provides a number of vacation services to ensure a memorable and affordable escape.

We furnish destination reports, which feature a breakdown of the city you’re traveling to. This information is drawn from our comprehensive database, which includes an impressive amount of information on destinations around the world.

KIE also offers a number of package deals and special cruise values. As always, we can save you a considerable amount of money on these packages and cruises. These savings open up a new slate of options for our clients.

To provide you with even more options for vacation travel, KIE offers Fly & Drive Packages and specialized tours. These give individuals and families the chance to see more of their favorite sites for less.

If you’re a business traveler who wants to extend your business trip into a vacation or a KIE customer who simply wants to take a vacation, we can help you get a lot more out of your trip.

With your adventurous spirit and our connections, the world is yours to discover.