Travel Management

Most travel agencies focus on booking travel.  At KIE we offer you our complete suite of travel management services.  We focus on assisting our corporate clients with all elements of managing their corporate travel program from the perspective of HR, Accounting, Policy and Finance.  Your travel program should be managed by a company that understands more than your need to book an airline ticket.   KIE is that company. Our single source approach allows you to have all the needs of your travel program handled and to focus on the task at hand – how to save money.

Our expertise allows you to drive savings and optimize results for your corporate travel program.  KIE will provide

  • Account Management Services
  • Effective Optimization Strategies
  • Travel Spend Analysis
  • RFP Process Management
  • Supplier Negotiation Support
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Rate Auditing
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Program Implementation
  • Innovative Adoption Strategies
  • Performance Monitoring.


Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies save an average of 20% of their travel spend.  Interested?  Ask KIE.