Risk Management



Knowing where your travelers are at any given moment is an important element of any corporate travel program in the Post – 9/11 world. It is not enough that travelers get to their destination.  Today, companies are obligated to warn and protect their employees when on business trips. 

kiTrac is a comprehensive travel security management solution that assists corporations with the ability to monitor traveler’s locations, providing real-time information on traveler’ whereabouts.  Combined with 24/7 after-hours service from anywhere in the world, you are able to get valuable information and assistance when it is needed most.


Why Use kiTrac?

Getting in touch with personnel traveling worldwide can be a challenge when trouble strikes. That point becomes all too clear usually when it is too late. Whether it is a health scare, a natural disaster or, something else, traveling can be risky business. Are you prepared?

With kiTrac’s Crisis Management Reporting, you can quickly see who is, was, or will be traveling to any destination. Given that unforeseen events happen at the most unfortunate times, companies need to know where all their employees are throughout the world at any given moment.

What is kiTrac?

Crisis Management Reporting is powered by kiTrac, a web-based tool that helps our clients deliver comprehensive reports with significantly reduced effort.

Crisis Management Reporting gets the most up-to-date trip details and makes this information available to you on the web within minutes of the trip being booked. 

Benefits of kiTrac's Crisis Management Reporting

With kiTrac’s Crisis Management Reporting, corporate travel managers and corporate security professionals can:

  • Immediately identify where travelers have been, where they are now and where they’re going next.
  • Access real-time trip information from anywhere at any time.
  • Consolidate trip details from multiple sources to provide a single, comprehensive view of global travel information.


With Crisis Management Reporting, a few clicks of your mouse will give you instant access to traveler locations, and planned destinations.

Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies with managing their traveler’s safety.  Interested?  Ask KIE.