As one of the largest travel agencies in the world and an integral member of a multi-national firm, we leverage our considerable buying power to open new doors for our clients.

Meetings are an essential part of any company’s progress and success. This is where where knowledge and enthusiasm are fused to formulate a winning strategy. Planning an important meeting includes dealing with changing dynamics, adding to the challenge of making everything ‘just so.’ Meeting planning has become something of an art form. And in the world of meetings, KIE is an artist.

The Right Setting... The Right Tools

For our corporate clients, establishing the right environment is crucial to the success of the meeting. There must be an ambience that provides privacy and inspires productivity. This may include traveling to some far-off destination or utilizing a hotel room in town. These days, many meetings take on new dimensions of presentation, involving all sorts of technology and even entertainment features. We make sure that your meeting has all the components you need to make the optimum impression. We give you all the tools you need to build a great meeting.

Details, Details, Details

Is it your imagination or does it seem like there are endless details to deal with in planning your meetings? You’re not imagining things–meetings from the facility to the meal to the technology to the logistics. Just when you’ve got them buttoned down, a new problem springs up. With KIE, you have the services of experienced meeting and planning professionals who thrive on details and changing plans. We are expert at dealing with any surprises that inevitably surface. And we are expert at creating client satisfaction. 

Inspirational. Motivational. 

Your top performers are already well-rewarded financially for their efforts, so what other type of motivation can you offer them? Well, a tried and true approach for many companies is an incentive trip. Who doesn’t want to go to some exotic locale as a “thank you” for their performance? We specialize in these.

We count on our yearly sales trips to get our team motivated and also excited to reap the rewards for a year well done. KIE helps us every year and always manages to get the job done up to our standards and within our budget. Our team feels rightfully honored and come back hungry for more. Mission accomplished.

Your Meeting. Our Expertise.

There are three important phases to a successful meeting—details, details, details. With KIE on your side, all your meeting needs from start to finish are expertly handled.

KIE works with clients in virtually every type of industry to provide the most comprehensive meeting services in the business to ensure that each phase is managed cost-effectively.

We begin with your pre-meeting requirements, determining how best to fulfill the goals of your meeting. Every detail we tend to is designed to help create a valuable experience for attendees. To make the meeting process seamless, KIE can provide you with a state of the art, customized online registration system.

During the meeting we provide you with on-site customer service. This service provides a smooth transition throughout the proceedings and enables your staff to tend to other important matters during the meeting.

Our post-meeting services give companies essential feedback that enables them to gauge the effectiveness of their meeting. We provide a comprehensive analysis report based on input received from your attendees on our online survey system. This report helps companies decide on the value of certain programs and is of great assistance in planning future meetings.

As expected, KIE also delivers the best prices. We can give you negotiated rates on your travel packages, plus provide personal group incentive travel services.

Getting you there. Helping you avoid hassles. Dealing with changes. All in a day’s work for our meeting consultants.

Any questions about Meetings and Incentives: Ask KIE.