Internet Fares


Finally there is assurance that you are getting the absolute lowest fare available!

Most agencies utilize their airline reservation booking systems to check for fares and as you know that is not enough.  For many this is an age old problem of calling their travel agency only to find a better fare on another website.  KIE’s state of the art system, kiWeb simultaneously searches both the airline reservation system and the internet for the best possible fares.  

kiWeb gives your travel program the ability to control your travel budget while not losing control of your travel program.   kiWeb will give you the piece of mind knowing that:

  • KIE is able to review over 80 airline websites in less than 20 seconds.
  • KIE checks 2 major consumer websites—Orbitz and Expedia for the lowest fares.
  • High-quality travel reservations are being booked traditionally or online and that your traveler preferences are being met regardless which airline you fly.
  • You can expect the same degree of accuracy you have always enjoyed. Since the process is automated, the KIE Consultant will see results for all airlines!


Regain Control Over Your Travel Budget

  • Complete fare checking capabilities means KIE can now monitor travel compliance.
  • Management reports can include data from lowest airfare searches on the web as well as from the airline reservation system.
  • Declined lower fares, whether on traditional or low-fare carriers, can be documented with reason codes.

Key Reasons to Use kiWeb

  • Retain Control - This costly expense is not left to the individual traveler to manage.
  • Compliance Management - This burden is moved from the expense report to the point of purchase.  A more effective place in the process to control costs.
  • Reduce Expenses - The big picture view allows us to monitor trends and suggest ways to reduce travel expenses.
  • Efficiency - Our researching processes are automated which means staff spends less time on non-productive tasks.
  • Central Source of Information - know the location of your traveling staff.  This could be critical in a time of emergency.
  • Unused electronic ticket tracking.


Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies save an average of 20% of their travel spend.  Interested?  Ask KIE.