Quality Assurance


KIE’s unique Quality Assurance Program, termed as kiChec, is the most comprehensive program to insure your company’s travel management program is a success.  A customized tri-level control system, it combines all elements of the Point of Sale, adds the human factor by reviewing each reservations with Manual Checks and makes the process efficient with Automated Controls.

The Point of Sale is managed through a tool that gives our consultants the ability to ensure that all reservations made comply with your travel policy through the creation of customized rules.  This gives your program:

  • Point-of-sale quality control to check for accuracy as well as omission of data as the booking takes place.
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of your travel program.
  • Centralized control to maintain the same levels for all your branch locations
  • Consultant alerts to ensure that the same level no matter who makes the booking.
  • More accurate reservations due to the high level of compliance.

In addition to that our kiChec program will tailor the booking process based on your company preferences.  This will:

  • Show your preferred rates with airlines, car companies or hotels to save time, money and increase accuracy.
  • Store traveler preferences for seats, membership programs with airlines, cars and hotels.  
  • All preferences activate automatically to guarantee that your traveler’s preferences will be met every time.

The 2nd level of our kiChec program provides your travel program with an important element of Manual Checks which are performed by an expert QC Manager who manually reviews and checks every booking made. There are elements of travel that cannot be automated.   

  • Travel Policy Compliance
  • Assisting with Visa and/or Passport Documents
  • Providing your new employees with training and information and assistance
  • VIP Quality Control—Your Executive Staff gets the detailed attention of our sales executives to ensure additional amenities for their travel arrangements.

The 3rd and final level is our Automated Controls which make your travel program efficient.  Each reservation booked undergoes a high level of scrutiny to ensure that your travel program is a success.  

  • Fare Checker
  • Waitlist Checker
  • Seat Checker
  • E-Ticket Checker
Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies save an average of 20% of their travel spend.  Interested?  Ask KIE.