ki-eDocs, our unique electronic document delivery system that enables customers to access their record online 24 hours.

At KIE, we continuously strive to find ways to relay information to our client that align with our goal to implement greener business practice. From the aspect of environmental conservation, you will receive your itineraries and invoices via e mail. It is not necessary to download any software on your computer.
Furthermore, it is unnecessary to log in. Clicking on the link in the body of the provided e mail or the link in the attached pdf document will automatically take you to our online system, where you can review and print your itinerary, e mail your itinerary, retrieve your ticket receipt and update your calendar.  



                           Itinerary                                                   E-mail Itinerary




                   E-Ticket Receipet                                       Email e-Ticket Receipt



                         Calendar                                                    Driving Direction




                      Flight Status                                                          Maps




                           Weather                                                     Currency Converter

ki-eDocs electronic document delivery system is not just about saving your time, cutting cost or eliminating redundant work - which it will. But KIE is making an honest effort to greatly reduce our dependence on perishable resources and cut back our energy consumption. Our gpal is to do our part to protect our planet by implementing greener business practice, like ki-eDocs.

With your help, the ki-eDocs will eliminate approximately 160,000 paper invoices per year, which is roughly five tons of paper. Five tons of paper is equal to 150 26 –foot tall, 5.5-inch diameter, trees.
These 150 trees can absorb up to two tons of carbon dioxide in just one year.