As one of the largest travel agencies in the world and an integral member of a multi-national firm, we leverage our considerable buying power to open new doors for our clients.

Gateway to Asia

As more and more travelers are discovering, the best way to explore Japan is through KIE. With over 200 offices in Japan, KIE offers you unparalleled services, support, buying power and prestige. No one delivers Japan—and Asia—like we do.

We Make Japan Affordable

The buying power of KIE yields some very impressive savings designed to help you realize substantial cost reductions on airfare, hotels, rental cars, cruises, rail passes and tours. By making Japan more affordable, we also make it more accessible.

Royal Treatment

Our renowned attention to detail is evident the moment you are picked up at the airport by one of our Meet & Greet limousines. From that time on you are enjoying Japan from a privileged position that is unique to KIE clients.

Our consultants will make special arrangements, offer recommendations and provide valuable information on the countryside, culture and people of this fascinating part of the world. Do you need some gourmet and gift items to take home? We can procure those for you as well.

With KIE on your side, you will experience Japan from a local’s point of view and enjoy it from a visitor’s perspective—the best of both worlds.

We Make Japan ‘Convenient’

KIE eliminates the hassle of securing the terms you want for your trip. When you plan through us, you get the advantage of no minimum stays, no advance purchase, special upgrades and discounted fares on over 15 airlines. That’s convenience, the KIE way.

We've found the best way to do business in Japan is to have KIE on our side. They get us the best prices and help our people set up their itineraries to maximize their success. The bottom line is, KIE has introduced us to Japan like no one else can and we have established a real comfort zone because of that

The Freedom to Enjoy More of Japan.

Conducting business in Japan can be expen- sive, time-consuming and discomforting. KIE provides a complete range of services designed to help our clients achieve their business goals in a cost-effective, enjoyable manner.

KIE offers the most competitive rates to Japan, and beyond. We have negotiated rates with airlines to deliver up to 60% savings to our clients for first class, business class and coach.

We also offer you freedom from typical ticket rules. With KIE booking your flight, you have the opportunity to select fares that are not restrictive on advance purchases or minimum/ maximum stays.

While we’re getting you to Japan on your terms, we’re also ensuring that your stay there is affordable and productive—providing discounts on hotels, rail passes and tours. We have established extensive personal relationships with local hotels in Japan and can secure a reservation in a hotel that complements your budget and schedule.

If you’re planning to travel to Japan, let the destination experts at KIE deliver Japan just the way you want it. You’ll discover another very important benefit resulting from our services… peace of mind.

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Thanks to KIE’s extensive services, travelers can feel right at home in Japan and other Asian destinations.

Any questions about Japan trip: Ask KIE.