Japan Rail Pass

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The Japan Rail Pass is the key to convenient sightseeing and travel in Japan and KIE will have your rail pass in your hands before you even leave the United States. 

Trains... the perfect gateway to Japan

Japan has the world’s most convenient and efficient railway network. The Japan Rail (JR) Pass gives you access to a group of railroads which are known internationally for their frequent service, punctuality, high speed, and safety. Travel by train is also the ideal way to view Japan: you can enjoy a comfortable and carefree ride as beautiful panoramas glide before your window – mountains, forests, lakes, highlands and the sea!

What is JR?

Covering the Nation … JR (Japan Rail) is an intricate railway network whose total length of about 20,000 km (12,400 miles) reaches every corner of the four major islands (a total of 360,000 km2). Frequent… about 26,000 daily departures. Punctual… JR trains are so reliable you can use them to set your watch. Advanced, Fast, and Safe… High speed and safety are supported by advanced technology, represented by the Shinkansen (Bullet trains).

These trains, which connect Japan’s major cities over a total length of about 2,600 km (1,600 miles; as of March 2004), are famous throughout the world for their fast speed (up to 300km / 186.40 miles per an hour) and their safety record. Comfort… Modern, clean, complete facilities – trains, stations, and service – for comfortable travel in today’s age. JR stations and trains bear the JR logo.

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up the Japan Railways Group (JR Group). With the pass, you can freely board trains, buses and ferries on these JR Group lines according to you pass type.