Incentive Travel

Motivated people are productive people, and there is no better motivational tool than the allure of travel. Who wouldn’t want to breakfast on the Great Wall of China, see the jungle in Thailand on an elephant’s back, take an African safari, or swim in the warm, turquoise ocean off of the Mayan Riviera? We can make it happen.

From start to finish, KIE will design a program to suit any group or budget to any location on the globe. We begin by creating your trip’s marketing – a theme, powerful visuals, promotional materials – and continue to the actual trip arrangements – location scouting, contracting, travel arrangements and logistics.

We incorporate the latest technology through our EZ Registration online travel registration system, allowing your guests the convenience of registering for their trip online, and you to communicate trip information to your guests and generate real-time reports of traveler information.

We will be with you every step of the way on-location, to ensure you and your guests’ ultimate comfort and convenience. In other words, KIE does everything to make your trip a memorable one, one that will keep paying off in your employees’, distributors’ or customers’ minds well after their travel finishes.

Allow us to help you delight, inspire, and ultimately, motivate your guests. With KIE, you really can Go Anywhere™.

Any questions about Incentive Travel: Ask KIE.