Hotel Programs

The KIE Hotel Program is the most comprehensive program of its kind.  Its focus is based on the ability to provide our clients with the maximum savings potential.  This platform takes advantage of providing our clients with access to 265 Hotel Chains covering over 83,000 Hotels around the globe.  KIE taps into the power of technology which represents over 48 Million room nights booked last year alone.  

For our corporate clients, we have the ability to provide a unique arrangement that takes advantage of the hotels within their own program.  If there is a negotiated rate with a local hotel property rest assured that the KIE Hotel Program will supplement these preferred rates with our own negotiated rates.  

The KIE Hotel Program also taps into the power of consortium rates.  Consortium rates are the ability of agencies, large and small, to pool together their resources to negotiate a rate with hotels to maximize savings.  These rates can provide savings of 10% or more and are not available when you call the hotel directly.   The KIE Hotel Program is a proud member of three of the largest consortiums.   For more details click on Consortium Rates above.

In addition to all this, our clients are able to take advantage of KIE’s own negotiated rates at over 300 properties.  These rates are at times much lower than any net and preferred rate saving our clients anywhere from 10%  - 50% per night.  

Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies save an average of 20% of their travel spend.  Interested?  Ask KIE.