Global in Reach

For many companies throughout the world, managing their corporate travel has become a daunting challenge. Travel is often their second largest expense, and most often their largest financial concern. It is also the source of confusing records and byzantine paper trails. For those reasons, more companies are turning to KIE for our highly regarded travel services and solutions.

Companies rely on us to free them from the complications and pitfalls associated with corporate travel management. They also rely on us to provide them with significant advantages in every facet of travel—from flight and hotel reservations to itinerary development and meeting arrangements. We serve them prior to, during and following their travel, with the most comprehensive and in-depth travel-related services in the world.

It's our unique approach to corporate travel management that distinguishes KIE from the competition. To ensure total customer satisfaction, we have developed a proprietary travel system that enables us to micro manage virtually every detail pertaining to our clients' travel budget and plans.

Our three-level quality assurance program is the most exacting control system in the industry, featuring a series of check points designed to eliminate surprises and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Any traveler who calls from your company will receive this measure of attention to detail. You don't get that kind of service from travel web sites.

Power of Experience

deem@work is our corporate online booking tool that corporate clients can use to book online 24/7 and search for flights based on different criteria, such as non-stop or best fares. You can book round trip, one way and multi-flight, while viewing seat maps prior to selection. Any trip can be saved as a template for future use. deem@work gives you online booking functionality, while enabling you to control costs at one source.

kiWeb gives you Internet fare book capability by integrating airlines and consolidator's web sites, eliminating the task of have to shop multiple Internet sites for the best deals. You can quickly search public, corporate, discount and Web-only fares for the lowest prices possible. This relieves our customers of having to worry about the process—we do it all for you.

Personal in Focus

Keeping track of all expenses and information relating to corporate travel can be a time-consuming and arduous undertaking for companies, which is why we provide the most comprehensive management reporting in the business. We provide our clients with the ability to access data that allows them to understand exactly what they're purchasing—how much they spent last month and how much they are currently spending. This reporting also enables our clients to determine if the vendors provided are being utilized correctly, setting the stage for proactive management of their travel by knowing who's going where in the coming days. We've also incorporated risk management into our reporting, which helps clients quickly verify the whereabouts of their staff in the event of a major catastrophe.

The reporting tool includes closed online access to your own reports at any time. Viewable transactions from the last business day are available, as is the ability to create your own customizable reports. To deliver a long range perspective of your travel expenses, we also provide a quarterly review and yearly review. This thorough dissection of information is valuable on a day-to-day basis and in the formation of strategic planning.

As you can see, when we say "full service" we mean "full service." If your company relies on travel as an integral part of its operations, you would be well-served to let KIE provide you with our unique brand of service and services. We look forward to introducing you a whole new world of travel.

Utilizing these unique concepts and ideas, KIE has been successful in helping companies save an average of 20% of their travel spend. Interested? Ask KIE.