Competitive Rates

KIE is the largest travel management company to Japan.  As you can imagine this comes with a lot of clout within the travel industry.   As a result we are able to provide our clients with extremely competitive rates to Japan for airfare, hotels, rail passes and tours.

When it comes to Airfare to Japan, rest assured that you are working with the best.  Not only do we have the best fares to Japan & the rest of Asia, we excel when it comes to providing you with the know-how and information that you need when traveling to a country far and away.  You don’t have to buy a ticket online to get the best airfare.  KIE has been leading the industry in providing the lowest and the best fares to Japan from anywhere in the USA for over 40 years.  

For many companies booking a hotel in Japan means just that.  For KIE, our relationships with hotel properties go back for many decades.  Not only will you be able to get the best rates in Japan but you will be able to find that our knowledge of which hotels you should stay at are far superior to that you may get from other sources.  We pride ourselves in negotiating KIE rates at these hotels and our buying power allows us to seal off floors at many hotels providing you with access to inventory that you won't have elsewhere.  

While in Japan, traveling via the Japan Rail system is the most convenient and enjoyable.  KIE is one of the exclusive sources of purchasing a ticket via the Japan Rail Pass.  Don't wait until you get to Japan to purchase one, we will have it in your hands before you depart.

During your stay in Japan, tap into the many tours that we offer travelers on a daily basis.  Whether it be taking a trip to visit the temples in Kyoto, to the heights of Mount Fuji or a shopping extravaganza and visits to both the old and new Tokyo, you will be impressed to know that KIE operates over a hundred tours all over Japan. 

Any questions about Japan trip: Ask KIE.